Why choose Netiabi?

Netiabi Service Center is a one-stop shop for all your IT and electronics concerns.

  • Quick – simpler problems can be addressed on-site.
  • Our resume consists of thousands of solved IT problems.
  • We offer warranties for our work and spare parts.

Our experience entails a decade long provision of expert IT support in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Russia. We have serviced thousands of clients, fixed tens of thousands of devices, and we make hundreds of expert assessments every month.

Our experience

We started with computer network installations, expanded from there to electronics repair and maintenance and currently also offering data recovery and destruction, as well as with compiling expert assessments for private and enterprise clients.

We have serviced thousands of satisfied customers in Estonia and neighboring countries, serviced or repaired over 10,000 devices and made hundreds of expert assessments. We also take on more complex issues and do not confine ourselves to standard solutions. 

Some examples of jobs where we’ve solved complex problems, worked fast, or in unusual conditions:

Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel
We help Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel with ongoing IT construction and maintenance work and reorganization of their IT systems, but have also designed special solutions and performed more complex work, like arranging the LED lighting solution of the façade, reorganization of server cabinets and expanded the hotel’s information network.
St. Peter’s Line Ferries
We prepared the information networks aboard Princess Anastasia. We built the register systems and work stations of the onboard restaurants and bars. We complemented the evacuation program and installed reverse cameras. We created a solution for the onboard WiFi network and a functioning mobile network.
Viimsi Spa Hotel and Viimsi Cinema
Viimsi Spa Hotel and Viimsi Cinema have entrusted Netiabi with the construction and expansion of their computer networks and IT maintenance since 2010. Over time, we have been dealing with both IT maintenance and repairs as well as the replacement of outdated equipment and system management.
Before the latest thorough renovations (during which all lanes and their computer systems were replaced) we developed a special solution, where we replaced the outdated Windows 98 with a more modern Windows 7 in computers operating the bowling alleys.


What do we offer?

The main area of activity of Netiabi Maintenance Center is repair and maintenance of electronics. We repair and service televisions, smart devices, gaming consoles, printers, and other electronic devices. In addition, we recover and destroy data from various media, install and service computer networks, and produce expert assessments for private and enterprise customers. We help our customers solve various electronics issues.

Our core activities include:

  • Computer repair and maintenance in Tallinn
  • Repair and maintenance of smart devices
  • Electronics repair and maintenance
  • Data recovery and destruction
  • TV repair
  • Installation of computer networks
  • Expert assessments for insurance providers

How can we help enterprises?

The work of a modern enterprise, regardless of its field of activity, is more or less related to computers and computer networks. Be it internal communication, customer communication, backing up data or using a computer on a daily basis, computer systems need to be built and serviced on a regular basis. In addition to IT solutions, electronic devices too need maintenance and repairing, for which expert assessments can be handy tools to find out what caused the damage and who is responsible.

What services can we offer your business?

  • Installation of computer networks
  • Computer network maintenance and remote management
  • Installation of network devices
  • Removals of computer networks and equipment
  • Computer and electronics maintenance
  • Hardware installation and replacement
  • Computer and electronics maintenance
  • Software installation
  • Computer network risk analysis
  • Expert assessments

Our experienced team will help you to solve various problems with electronics


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Need help repairing and maintaining computers or other electronics? 

Netiabi Maintenance Center offers solutions for all your IT concerns in one place!

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