Computer and electronics repair and maintenance in Tallinn

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Computer repair
Laptop, desktop, and server repair services in Tallinn. We handle various hardware and software problems.
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Electronics repair
Repair of household appliances. Gaming console repair. Need help with electronics repair?
TV repair
LED LCD TV repair. Repair of FHD, UHD, HDR and 4K TVs. Repair of Smart TV and Commercial TV digital advertising displays for businesses.
Data recovery
Data recovery from hard drives, memory cards, memory sticks, computers. Recovery of lost and deleted data.
Repair of smart devices
Smartphone repair. Tablet repair. Samsung smartwatch repair. There’s a crack in your phone screen? Let us fix it!
Installation of computer networks
Installation of networks. Installation of broadband, Wifi, LAN and WAN networks. Does your company need a functioning computer network? We can help.

Why choose Netiabi?

Netiabi Maintenance Center is a one-stop shop for all your IT and electronics concerns.

  • Quick – simpler concerns can be addressed on-site.
  • Our resume consists of thousands of solved IT problems.
  • We offer warranties for our projects and spare parts.

Our experience entails over a decade long provision of expert IT support in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Russia. We have serviced thousands of clients, fixed tens of thousands of devices and made hundreds of expert assessments.

Need help with computer repair and maintenance? Perhaps with the repair of electronics?

See how we can help both individuals and enterprises with both electronics repair and solving IT concerns.

Need help with electronics repair or maintenance?

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    Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel
    We help Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel with ongoing IT construction and maintenance work and reorganization of their IT systems, but have also designed special solutions and performed more complex work, like arranging the LED lighting solution of the façade, reorganization of server cabinets and expanded the hotel’s information network.
    St. Peter’s Line Ferries
    We prepared the information networks aboard Princess Anastasia. We built the register systems and work stations of the onboard restaurants and bars. We complemented the evacuation program and installed reverse cameras. We created a solution for the onboard WiFi network and a functioning mobile network.
    Viimsi Spa Hotel and Viimsi Cinema
    Viimsi Spa Hotel and Viimsi Cinema have entrusted Netiabi with the construction and expansion of their computer networks and IT maintenance since 2010. Over time, we have been dealing with both IT maintenance and repairs as well as the replacement of outdated equipment and system management.

    Companies who have entrusted Netiabi with installation, repair, and maintenance of their devices and IT systems:

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    Computer repair and maintenance in Tallinn

    Expert assessments for all Estonian insurance providers

    Did your phone drop and the screen crack? Did liquid damage it? If you have smart device insurance or home insurance, it may cover the cost of repairing your smart device.

    Netiabi Maintenance Center conducts inspections, troubleshooting and expert assessments of smart devices for all insurance providers operating in Estonia.

    Do you like Netiabi and our services?

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      Anton Rütman
      Service Manager

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      Laptop repair 
      Laptop, notebook, netbook repair and maintenance

      Desktop repair
      Desktop repair, hardware upgrades, desktop maintenance

      Server repair
      NAS and SAN server repair. RAID systems

      Computer repair
      Need help with computer repair, maintenance or performance improvements?

      CCTV repair
      We repair different types of surveillance cameras – prices start from 39 €

      Repair of household appliances
      Repair and expert assessments of household appliances in Tallinn. Book an on-site technician visit!

      Game console repair
      Repair of Sony PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo gaming consoles

      Smartphone repair
      We repair handsets from various manufacturers – Samsung, Apple, Huawei, etc.

      Tablet repair
      Need help with replacing a tablet screen? Or does your computer not charge anymore? Let’s fix it!

      Smartwatch repair
      We repair and service Samsung Galaxy smartwatches

      Smart device screen replacement
      Cracked your phone screen? We can replace it quickly and at a reasonable price.

      Data recovery from hard drive
      Did your hard drive fall or does the computer not recognize it? Data recovery from SSD and HDD disks

      Data recovery from memory sticks and cards
      Did you lose important data or accidentally delete it?

      Common causes of data loss
      We can help recover data that has been lost

      Destruction of data
      Are you selling a computer and want to destroy data? We can help.

      LED LCD TV repair
      Repair of LED LCD TVs in Tallinn. Is your TV not working? Let us fix it!

      Repair of FHD, 4K, UHD TVs
      Need help with HD TVs? We can help!

      Smart TV, OLED, QLED TV Repair
      Is your Smart-TV refusing to connect to WiFI networks? Or did the LCD panel break?

      Commercial TV and video wall repair
      LED video wall and commercial TV repair and maintenance services for business clients

      Installation of LAN and WAN 
      Does your enterprise need a functioning computer network? We can help!

      Installation of WiFI networks
      WiFi and WiFi roaming networks to your office, home and also for larger spaces.

      Maintenance of computer networks
      IT maintenance suites for enterprises, so that IT problems would not bottleneck workflow.

      Enterprise maintenance suites
      Which suite fits best with your business?

      Remote management
      We can solve simpler problems with remote management.

      Expert opinions 
      Expert assessments for all Estonian insurance providers.

      Remote management 
      We offer remote management only to contractual customers

      About the company
      Netiabi has been providing expert and customer-oriented IT support for more than 10 years

      Completed work
      See what problems we have solved for our customers.