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Computer not starting?

Is your computer slow or lagging?

Laptop heats up or your desktop fans are too loud?

Netiabi Maintenance Center repairs and services the desktops, laptops, tablets, and servers of all manufacturers. We repair faulty hardware, perform simpler and more complex repairs. Computer repair in Tallinn – fast work and reasonable prices.

We help with regular maintenance of computers; from dust cleaning to the replacing of thermal paste. We can also help with improving your computer’s performance with a new hard drive, adding RAM, or by replacing the processor.

Contact us for computer repair!

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    Why repair and service your computer at Netiabi’s Maintenance Center?

    Netiabi Maintenance Center has offered expert IT help and great service for over 10 years to thousands of clients in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Russia. Our wait times are short and prices reasonable. Our experienced specialists have repaired and assessed the condition of tens of thousands of devices. We offer free computer diagnostics and warranty for completed work.



    Laptop gets too hot to hold in the lap?

    Does laptop only work with the charger plugged in?

    Water, juice or other liquid spilled on the laptop and it needs repairing?

    We repair and maintain laptops of all manufacturers – classic laptops, touch screen laptops, gaming computers, and other laptop types. Liquid spilled on the laptop or the screen broke? We replace laptop keyboards and screens. If necessary, we also replace hardware and repair or replace motherboards.

    If you repair your laptop at Netiabi, initial diagnostics is always FREE!

    Does your laptop overheat or has become slow? We offer regular maintenance of laptops – dust cleaning and the replacing of processor thermal paste.

    Need better performance? We help with computer upgrades. We can exchange your processer for more powerful one, install an SSD hard drive instead of an HDD or add RAM.

    What to consider with laptop repair?

    Most spare parts needed for laptop repair are universal and we have them on site. In case the repair needs manufacturer or product specific spare parts, those have to be ordered separately and the repair will take longer.

    If our queue is short and the problem simple, the repair may take from a few days to a week. Solving complicated problems or waiting for a specific spare part can extend the repair time to a few weeks. We will notify you of the severity of the problem and repair time after the initial diagnostics.


    Is the computer slow?

    Has it been more than a year since your desktop’s last maintenance?

    Do you want to make your desktop faster or more powerful?

    We repair and service desktops and custom made desktops from different manufacturers. We can also help with the repair and maintenance of industrial and productions computers. We carry out component repair and replacement and help with regular maintenance – dust cleaning and processor thermal paste replacement. The computer is not working and you need help with repair work?

    If you repair your desktop at Netiabi, initial diagnostics is always FREE!

    We also help to improve desktops, since they allow for extensive modifications. Want to replace your processor for a more capable one, new video card, more RAM or a faster hard drive? We can help you.

    What to consider with desktop repairs?

    Components for desktop repair and improvement are usually universal and the most common spare parts are available on site. This means that desktop repairs are mostly done faster – simpler concerns can be addressed on site!

    Ordering of manufacturer or product specific parts or more complex repairs can lengthen the repair times, sometimes from a day to weeks or even a month. We can tell you the time and the cost of performing the repair after initial diagnostics. Initial diagnostics of desktops is FREE, when you let us  repair your device at Netiabi!


    Server is unexpectedly slow and content not available?

    Did your server display a message about hard disk failure?

    Server heats up?

    Server repair in Tallinn. We repair and service servers of all manufacturers’ regardless of volume and purpose. We replace server hard drives, repair damage caused by power fluctuations and get servers up and running again after physical damage.

    What to consider with server repairs?

    The extent, duration and cost of server repair will be set after the initial diagnostics and depend on the type of the server, the complexity of the design, and the quality of equipment used.

    Servers with a simpler design can be brought to our service center, and for more sophisticated systems, we recommend inviting a technician to your home or office. Technician’s on-site fee within Tallinn starts from 30 €.


    Fans of your computer often make a loud noise?

    Laptop gets hot and can’t be kept on the lap?

    Has it been more than a year since you last laptop or desktop maintenance?

    Netiabi Maintenance Center performs regular computer maintenance – cleaning of dust and dirt and the replacement of the thermal paste that cools the processor. Do you wish your computer to be reliable and able to use it to the fullest extent of its performance?

    Routine computer maintenance at Netiabi. Fast work – reasonable price.

    In addition to maintenance work, we also repair computer cooling systems, replace cooling fans, heat sinks, and other cooling system components.

    When to consider computer maintenance?

    Both laptops and desktops should be serviced at least once a year in order to maintain their reliability. It is worth remembering that computers in everyday use require more frequent maintenance, much like cars that are driven more often. Although computers do not have the recommended mileage for maintenance, there are certain signs that point towards the fact that maintenance is needed.

    If it has been more than a year since your last maintenance, fans produce a loud noise or your laptop is too hot to be held in the lap, it would be wise to bring your computer to the Netiabi technicians as soon as possible. We clean the computer from dust and dirt, replace the dried thermal paste, and you will soon be able to continue working with your computer. Proper maintenance will help extend the life of your computer and help keep it performing well for a longer time.


    Want to enhance the performance and data processing speed of your computer with a new hard drive?

    Want more RAM for your computer, but are unsure which type to choose?

    Want a better graphics card?

    We swap out computer hard drives. We have a variety of SSD and HDD hard drives and external hard drives on site. Need more storage space or a faster hard drive for your computer – we can help!

    Want to improve your computer’s performance? We add RAM to both laptops and desktops. We help you choose the type of RAM that is compatible with your computer’s motherboard, be it DDR, DDR2, DDR3, or DDR4.

    We use only the best quality parts.

    We offer warranty for our work and spare parts.

    *Warranty does not cover mechanical (crushing, drops, etc) or fluid damage.


    Need help installing Windows, macOS or Linux?

    Need help setting up an email in Microsoft Outlook?

    Is your computer infected by a virus or other malware?

    Netiabi Maintenance Center helps set up software. We install and configure various paid programs and freeware. We help you with configuring your notebook’s power settings and disable programs that open when you start your computer.

    We can help with installing and configuring freeware programs as well as purchasing, installing, and setting up licenses for paid programs:

    • Installation and selling anti-virus programs (ESET, Bitdefender)
    • Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) license sale and installation
    • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Indesign installation and sale
    • ID card software installation and setup
    • Installation of CAD programs
    • Installation of web browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.
    • Installation of freeware operating systems (Ubuntu, Linux, etc.).
    • We sell Windows and macOS operating system licenses and install operating systems
    • Installation of other freeware (Adobe Acrobat Reader, VLC player, Winrar, etc.)

    Your device wasn’t listed? Contact us – we assist with the repair and maintenance of different types of electronic devices.

    See which manufacturers of desktops, laptops, and servers we repair

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    Need help with computer repair? Contact us – we will diagnose the problem for FREE, when you let us repair your device at Netiabi!

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