Electronics repair and maintenance in Tallinn

Do your speakers sound distorted and do not sound as well as before?

Gaming console does not read discs or fails to recognize the hard drive?

Home appliances are not working?

Contact us for electronics repair!

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    We repair various electronic devices – gaming consoles, electronic toys, household appliances and more. We will determine the feasibility and approximate cost of during our initial diagnostics. Depending on the device and manufacturer, we use either the manufacturer’s original spare parts or universal parts and consumables.

    Why repair electronics at Netiabi?

    Netiabi Maintenance Center has offered expert IT help and great service for over 10 years to thousands of clients in Estonia, Latvia, Finland, and Russia. Our wait times are short and prices reasonable. Our experienced specialists have repaired and assessed the condition of tens of thousands of devices. We offer warranties for our work and spare parts.


    PlayStation does not read discs or can’t recognize the hard drive?

    Nintendo remote controls don’t respond to input or do not work as they should?

    Xbox heats up?

    We repair and maintain Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo’s most common gaming consoles. Need help repairing any other console? Contact us – maybe we can help!

    We are changing the hardware components of our gaming consoles and we are helping to repair both the console and the controllers.

    What to consider with gaming console repair?

    Gaming console repair can last from a few days to several weeks – depending on the severity of the problem and availability of the spare parts needed. The duration and estimated cost is determined during diagnostics.

    Prices for simpler problems for most common models start at € 7.25.

    Before repairs begin, we will determine whether it makes economic sense to repair the console or it would be cheaper to buy a new one.


    Fridge melted and no longer freezes?

    Washing machine won’t drain?

    Oven no longer works?

    Netiabi Service Center repairs home appliances in Tallinn in your home! We perform diagnostics, repair faulty home appliances and perform expert assessments for insurance providers.

    What to consider with home appliance repair?

    Home appliances are repaired on-site. On-site visit price in Tallinn starts from 30 €, outside Tallinn plus 0.79 € / km (round-trip), plus the cost of repairs.

    We repair home appliances with original parts. This ensures the quality and reliability of the device.

    In addition, we perform expert assessments for insurance providers to find the cause of problems. In order to draw up an insurance statement, we will inspect the device, record the damage and if possible, offer a price quote.

    The repair price quote includes spare parts and consumables needed to restore the device. We restore home appliances with original parts.

    Want to learn more about expert assessments? Read more HERE!


    Does the infrared mode on a camera not work?

    Camera does not turn?

    Humidity in the dome camera or was the camera damage by liquid?

    We repair and service security and video cameras of various manufacturers; dome cameras, infrared cameras, and other security and surveillance cameras.

    What are the most common problems with surveillance cameras?

    For surveillance cameras, we mainly solve connection problems (camera feed unavailable in the web, etc.), various software problems that can interfere with the camera’s work and perform low-voltage work so that the entire network connected to the camera can work smoothly. We also solve problems with the quality of the picture transmitted by the camera.

    Prices start from € 39.

    Is your electronic device not working? Contact us – Netiabi’s experienced technicians can help you!

      +372 5850 1010

      Anton Rütman
      Service Manager