Data recovery from hard drives, memory sticks, memory cards, and other media

Did you delete a picture or document that you still need?

Did you install a new operating system and data was lost?

Hard drive fell and was damaged?

If your important data has been deleted, lost or you are unable to access it due to media damage, we can help! We recover data from damaged memory sticks, hard drives, computers, and all other media.

Our initial diagnostics of the media is done within 1-5 business days and you will receive a list of files that can be recovered. We guarantee complete privacy of your data. Initial diagnostics is FREE, when we repair your device at Netiabi.

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    Why entrust Netiabi Maintenance Center with the recovery of your data?

    Our wait times are short and prices reasonable. Our experienced specialists have repaired and assessed the condition of tens of thousands of devices. Our broad experience enables us to offer initial diagnostics of your media for free, thus also guaranteeing your satisfaction. If data recovery is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay for the service! We understand the delicate nature of working with data and therefore we guarantee complete privacy while recovering or destroying them.

    Data recovery from memory sticks and cards

    The computer does not recognize your memory stick?

    Files lost from your memory card?

    Did a flash drive or memory card end up in the washing machine with your clothes?

    We recover data from all manufacturers’ memory cards and sticks. We accept various types and sizes of USB memory sticks but also Micro SD, Mini SD, CompactFlash, SD, xD-Picture, and other types of memory cards.

    We guarantee complete privacy of your data.
    If data recovery is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay!

    We can help with data recovery, regardless of the type of damage, be it physical damage or the device in use fails to recognize the memory card or stick.

    What to do if you lose data from your memory stick or card?

    First, stop using the media immediately and remove it from your computer. The fewer actions you take, the greater the chance that we can recover it since deletion of files is actually rewriting old data with new.

    If any data is lost, we recommend that you bring your memory stick or memory card to the experienced technicians at Netiabi. We strongly recommend that you avoid using “free" data recovery software. If they fail to perform, then the later recovery of data may be a serious challenge even for experienced technicians.

    If you haven’t done so, save a backup of your important data today! In this case, a memory stick and memory card failure can easily be solved by purchasing a new device, which is likely to be significantly less costly than data recovery.

    Data recovery from HDD and SSD drives

    Did you drop your hard disk and the files on it are lost or unusable?

    Lost or accidentally deleted files from your hard disk?

    Hard drive crackles or clicks?

    We recover data from all manufacturers’ internal and external hard drives. We offer error detection and data recovery services for all types and size hard drives, both physically broken and seemingly working drives.

    Your data is 100% secure with us.
    If data recovery is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay!

    We offer data recovery regardless of the operating system on your hard disk (macOS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, etc.).

    What to do if the data is lost from the hard disk or fails to open?

    There is very little that can be done in case of hard drive failures that do not require special software, tools or environment. If you have lost data from your hard drive or are having difficulty accessing it, we recommend you immediately bring it to a specialist who can detect the scope and nature of the problem.

    We certainly do not recommend disassembling the hard drive on your own or using “free" data recovery software you found on the internet. Both can result in irreversible loss of data or multiple increases in cost for data recovery. The fewer actions you take after data loss, the greater the chance of recovery.

    Data recovery from servers and RAID systems

    One or more RAID disks of your system are not working?

    NAS system backup not working?

    Files lost from your server?

    We recover data from different manufacturers’ NAS systems, servers, and RAID systems. We offer data recovery for both enterprise servers and home systems.

    If data recovery is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay!
    We guarantee complete privacy for your data.

    We can help with data recovery regardless of server or error type; we replace faulty hard drives and restore servers with physical damage.

    What should I do if my data is lost or accidentally deleted from the server?

    If you discover data loss from your servers or their operation is disturbed, you should immediately contact Netiabi technicians. Since server systems are based on multiple interconnected hard drives, here too the rule applies that the fewer operations they perform after a data loss, the greater the chance for data recovery. Otherwise, if you continue normal operations, the “deleted data” will simply just be overwritten.

    Data recovery from smart devices

    Did your tablet drop and will not turn on, but you need to recover data from it?

    Your phone will not turn on, but you need to recover pictures and videos?

    Important contacts have been lost or deleted from your smartphone?

    We recover data from all manufacturers’ smartphones and tablets. We accept smart devices of various types and operating systems; Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.

    Your data is 100% secure with us.
    If data recovery is unsuccessful, you don’t have to pay!

    We help recover data regardless of whether the smart device was physically damaged or simply will not turn on. We can also help with the recovery of phone data and settings from a backup.

    What to do if the data is lost or accidentally deleted from the smart device?

    In case your data was lost or deleted, it is reasonable to immediately turn it off and bring it to Netiabi, since similarly to other memory devices, the phone does not actually delete the data but rather overwrites it with new data. Quick action can then help to recover data with relatively little effort.

    In case of physical damage, carefully unplug your device (if it is charging) and turn it off. In case of fluid damage, we don’t recommend trying tips such as placing your phone in rice or similar actions, since that may make it possible for the liquid to seep further into the phone and damage the motherboard. The faster the phone reaches the hands of Netiabi technicians, the greater the chance for successful data recovery.

    It is worth knowing that sometimes all that is needed to fix a smart device is the replacement of the screen or battery, which may cost less than data recovery. We will always let you know after the initial diagnostics, which are the options for data recovery and recommend the most prudent course of action.

    Most common problems

    Did you drop your computer and are unable to retrieve data from it?

    Did you delete a picture or document that you still need?

    Was a memory stick or memory card damaged by fire or water?

    We can help recover data that has been lost due to physical damage to the storage media, deleted and overwritten data, and lost documents, videos, photos, and other file types.

    We can help you solve the following issues:

    • Recovery of deleted data
    • Recovery of lost data during the installation of a new operating system
    • Data recovery from dropped or damaged hard drives
    • Recovery of data from hard drive’s bad sectors
    • Recovery of data from computers with fall damage
    • Recovery of data from computers damaged in fire or liquid
    • Restoring of lost or deleted photos, videos, and documents

    Data destruction and data privacy

    Selling your computer or hard drive that once contained delicate private data?

    Did your company change computers and old ones are being sold?

    What would happen if unwanted persons had access to your data?

    Netiabi Maintenance Center helps to destroy data from all media. We offer the chance to destroy the data without damage to media or the complete destruction thereof.

    We can help your company’s data and private things to stay private even after your devices have found a new owner.

    Why trust Netiabi with your data destruction?

    Netiabi Maintenance Center considers the privacy of the data entrusted to us to be of absolute importance. We guarantee the confidentiality of your data. Our technicians do not work with your data or disclose it to third parties. If necessary, we enter into a confidentiality agreement with the client.

    Need help recovering data in Tallinn? Or perhaps with destroying it? Our technicians can help with both. Contact us.

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