Was there an accident with your electronic device – a phone was dropped and is broken? A computer was damaged by liquid? A washing machine broke down in a rental apartment and you would like to know what caused it – whether it was misused or there was another problem?

If your home assets are protected with home insurance, the insurance company might pay for the repair costs of your electronics.

Netiabi Maintenance Center inspects, identifies defects and creates reports for insurance companies on laptops, audio and video technology, smart devices and home appliances.

Our experienced specialists have evaluated and fixed tens of thousands of devices – from smart devices and computers to TVs, audio devices and home appliances.

How are expert opinions concluded?

In order to create a report for the insurance company, we will inspect the device, identify errors and if possible make a repair offer.

The repair offer for insurance companies includes spare parts necessary for reconstructing the device, other materials and in case of some devices, software calibration.

We use original spare parts to reconstruct the device. That helps us to ensure the quality and durability of the device and in case of waterproof devices their water resistance.

In order to provide comfortable services, inspection and repair of home appliances are mostly done on-site.

What happens after the expert opinion is concluded?

We will handle everything for the customer by digitally sending the insurance report, photos and the repair offer to the claim agent. If the client wishes, we can also send the documentation to their email for convenient forwarding.

This service can be used by apartment owners who have tenants to determine whether the device error is caused by mishandling, natural degradation or something else.

Issuing an expert opinion is a paid service.
The price for the service depends on the specific device and number of devices.

NB! We do not offer expert opinion services for Apple products (iPhone, iMac, iPad, Macbook, etc.)

Why use Netiabi services for expert opinions?

Our expert opinions are accepted by all insurance companies operating in Estonia. We offer expert opinions on the following:

  • Mopbile phones
  • Laptops
  • TVs
  • PCs
  • Home appliances
  • Tablets
  • Amplifiers
  • Home theaters
  • Smart devices
  • Monitors
  • Audio devices
  • Game consoles

We assist our clients with everything from providing expert opinions to repair services – we will inspect the device, detect errors, make an offer for the repair and if possible, repair the device using original spare parts.

Would you like to learn more about expert opinions? Call us on 5850 1010, send us an email to or contact us through our contact form.

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Service Manager

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