In order to provide access to the internet and the company’s shared resources of information, computers located in the same office or company are usually connected through an information network.

The quality of devices used in the system, the interconnection of devices and regular maintenance of the entire computer network will determine the capacity and reliability of the network.

Netiabi Maintenance Center has extensive knowledge and experience to build and maintain sustainable computer networks.

Over the years we have built computer systems for bowling lanes, information networks for ships (evacuation programs, backup camera systems) and have also created information network solutions for various spas, movie theaters and hotels as well as cash register systems both in Estonia and Europe.

What type of computer network is the most suitable for you?

Local area networks (LAN)

Local area networks (LAN) connect network devices, computers, smart devices, servers and other devices within a limited area – in one building, office, apartment or house.

Local area networks that combine wired and WiFi networks are suitable for office, school or home use.

Wide area networks (WAN)

Wide area networks (WAN) consist of several connected local area networks (LAN).

In order to provide convenient access to the information systems for the entire company, wide area networks can be built between different office spaces of the same company.

Our experienced technicians will determine what is the most suitable way to connect to a specific wide area network.

Wireless networks – WiFi networks

As the WiFi network capacity increases, wireless systems have become an efficient computer network option. A well-built and planned WiFi network can provide a high-quality internet connection for your home, office or a cafe as well as for a large public space such as a shopping mall.

To access the internet, smart devices are frequently used both at our work and home environment due to which WiFi network has become one of the most widespread and convenient network solutions. When moving, WiFi network is also the easiest to transport as it simply requires the network devices to be relocated and set up in a new location (minimal cabling required).

Selection of customers who have trusted us with building their computer networks and IT-related maintenance


Is your data, both personal and the company’s important private data protected from unauthorized access? We create security solutions for computer networks depending on the tasks and privacy requirements of the specific computer network.

Local area networks are the most difficult to access but wide area networks and even WiFi networks can be made just as secure – it simply requires more resources.


What exactly are you paying for, when you pay for maintenance services?
It is important to maintain the computer network for it to run smoothly – just like cars need maintenance every now and then. However, it is not our goal to earn at your expense.

Maintenance services we provide depend on a specific callout – this means that we will only charge you for the work we have done and you can avoid unreasonable invoices at the end of each month. We will conclude a maintenance contract that will benefit the customer and guarantee the smooth-running of the system.


Netiabi Maintenance Center began building weak current systems and computer networks more than 10 years ago. Since then, we have provided our services to customers with very different needs. We enjoy challenges and want to offer smooth-running, long-lasting solutions so that our customers could save on maintenance costs.

Besides building and maintaining computer networks we also offer other necessary IT-services from maintaining a computer cluster and remote monitoring to creating weak current and communication systems. We have constructed special solutions in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Russia but also on ships in international waters.

We can assist you with moving computer networks together with computer hardware and setting it all up in a new location – restoring the functionality of the network exactly as it was before moving (or in some cases, improving network performance).

Anton Rütman
Service Manager

Selection of customers who have trusted us with building their computer networks and IT-related maintenance

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