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If you decide to repair your device at Netiabi Maintenance Centre, the diagnostics are free of charge!

Diagnostics at Netiabi Service Centre:

  • Diagnostic of a desktop computer is FREE when we repair your device at Netiabi!
  • Diagnostic of a notebook is FREE when we repair your device at Netiabi!
  • Diagnostics of a tablet PC 29€
  • Diagnostics of a smartphone 29€
  • Diagnostics of TV-sets 29€
  • Diagnostics of a amplifier 14.50€
  • Diagnostics of a game console 14.50€
  • Diagnostics of a printer 14.50€
  • Diagnostics of GPS-devices 7€
  • Diagnostics of a server 35€
  • Diagnostics of other electronic devices start from 7€

* In exceptional cases, the diagnostics fee may be higher if the error is more complex or more difficult to find. In such a case, the customer will be contacted and the diagnostics fee agreed on.