Building remote work solutions – technical solutions for home offices, conference call solutions, and video bridges

Need technical equipment for your home office? A technician to help you with IT work in your home office? Or audio and video solutions to hold conference calls? We can help!

The Netiabi Maintenance Center has the technical equipment and competence to connect you to the world, even when you’re working from your home office, unable to have face-to-face meetings with your colleagues.

How can we help create remote work solutions?

We do everything in our power to enable you to continue with your work as before, from your home office.

Relocating work stations

In these changed conditions, we can help you with relocating and setting a work station or an entire computer network. We restore the capacity and functionality of computer networks, even in the face of expansions, reductions or the relocation of its parts.

Furnishing home offices with technical appliances and consumables

Do you need new technical devices or office supplies for your home office? You can order all you need from Netiabi, starting with wireless routers, computers, keyboards, mice, cables, and memory sticks, and ending with printers, toners and paper. We can deliver all your needs with a courier or via parcel terminal.

Building computer networks

We help create and expand computer networks – laying extra cabling, installing Wi-Fi amplifiers and creating secure connections between several home offices in different locations as needed.

We have over 10 years of experience in creating sizable, well-performing computer networks.

Building connections between home offices and corporate computer networks

We can help you establish a secure connection with corporate computer networks, servers or your work computer from the comfort of your home office. This enables you to access the files, programs and other network resources of your office computer without leaving home.

Conference call solutions – video bridges and remote conferences

Netiabi has the competence and technical capabilities to create reliable conference call solutions. We install quality webcams, microphones and speakers, so no meeting has to be cancelled, even if all participants stay at their respective home offices.

What other services do we provide?

In addition to conference calls and remote work solutions, we have updated and increased the availability of several other services for our customers:

Express check-in for devices

You can hand over your devices free of contact with our service personnel. By leaving your device and contact information at the express check-in, you can remotely inform the service personnel about the kind of issues the device has.

Remote Management

Remote Management enables us to create access to your computer in order to solve any common software issues – from setting up ID card software to the removal of computer viruses and managing Outlook settings.

Device return via courier or parcel terminal

Take the opportunity to send your device over to us and get it back via courier service! Devices can be sent either with a courier or using a parcel terminal.

Seeking professional help creating IT solutions for remote work? Contact us!

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